The Firm

Weigmann Studio Legale is an independent law firm founded in January 2019 with the merger of two historic law firms of Turin: Tosetto, Weigmann e Associati, (one of the oldest Italian law firms, founded in 1877), and Groder Studio Legale Associato (founded in 1975).

The Firm has over 60 lawyers and total staff of over 35 people, operating across 3 offices: Turin, Milan and Rome.

Weigmann Studio Legale represents numerous companies and groups, both Italian and international, banks and insurance companies, investment funds and institutions, and it also specialises in representing private clients.

All of its professionals have multidisciplinary training and have specific competence in the areas of expertise in which they operate, so as to be able to satisfy the increasingly intricate and complex requirements of clients.

The Law Firm, thanks to the network of contacts developed internationally through its membership of the Parlex network (present in over 25 European and non-European countries) and its constant participation in the International Bar Association (IBA), is also able to provide support both to foreign clients in Italy and to Italian clients abroad, thereby offering targeted advice based upon the specific requirements and in full respect of the features of the jurisdictions involved.

Tosetto, Weigmann e Associati originated from the law firm founded in 1877 by Prof. Riccardo Cattaneo, who later became Mayor of the City of Turin, Senator of the Kingdom of Italy and President of the Bar Association of Turin.
After the Second World War period, Senator Cattaneo’s law firm became one of the first Italian professional associations, joining with the lawyer Massimo Weigmann, the law professor Mario Comba and the lawyer Romolo Tosetto, specialising in various fields of commercial law, particularly in the corporate and contractual sector.
After the death of the lawyer Massimo Weigmann, Romolo Tosetto continued the law firm’s activity, attracting other colleagues and collaborators.
Marco Weigmann, Massimo’s son, joined the Law Firm in 1963 with Claudio Bernardini, a student of Romolo Tosetto. Extremely devoted to his professional career, he was first a director of the Bar Association of Turin, then a member of the Ethics Commission of the National Bar Council, as well as a member of the Italian delegation at the Conseil des Barreaux EuropĂ©ens.
The Law Firm entered a phase of significant development from the late 1980s and thus became the professional association Tosetto, Weigmann e Associati, covering new areas of law thanks to the expertise of a growing number of professionals.

The professional association of lawyers Studio Groder was founded in Turin in 1975 by Carlo Grosso, Paolo de Rienzo and Alessandro Riscossa.
Over the years, the firm underwent significant development thanks to the growth and enhancement of its internal resources, attracting numerous professionals and extending its expertise, particularly into the field of commercial and bankruptcy law.