Weigmann Studio Legale focuses in the field of business and commercial law, civil law and administrative law, performing its activity in the judicial and extrajudicial area, so as to provide its clients with updated and complete support, by way of the specific areas of expertise of the individual professionals.

Acquisitions and extraordinary operations

The Law Firm provides full support in national and international merger and acquisition operations, transaction of private equity, incorporations of companies, takeover and leveraged buy-out operations, as well as assistance in the event of company restructuring, public takeover bids, privatisation and venture capital operations. For each of the aforementioned operations, the support provided by Weigmann Studio Legale ranges from identifying the most adequate corporate structure to the performance of due diligence, and the preparation and negotiation of the contractual documents.

Commercial and corporate law

The Law Firm provides assistance in managing and developing enterprises, including establishing the corporate structures and managing relationships between shareholders or between shareholders and directors, both at the contractual stage and at the pre-litigation stage, as well as in generational transfers. The Law Firm also boasts consolidated experience in drafting and negotiating commercial agreements, assisting its clients both in the preparation of contractual documents and in the structuring of commercial operations.

Banking and finance

The Law Firm has extensive expertise in supporting banks, investment companies, finance companies and trust companies in regulatory and contractual matters involved in the conduct of banking activity and the performance of finance and trust investment services. In particular, the Law Firm provides support to operators (banking or industrial) in relation to syndicated loans, secured lending, factoring, leasing, project financing operations, credit restructuring and litigation in banking matters.

Bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings

The Law Firm has extensive and broad experience in the sector of business crisis management and insolvency law, acquired also through the assumption by its professionals of the role of commissioner or receiver.
The Law Firm often provides support both in insolvency procedures in all their profiles, including composition plans, extraordinary operations and actions deriving from procedures, in favour of enterprises accessing insolvency proceedings or extrajudicial crisis management procedures. At the same time, it provides support to creditors in verifying the credits and in extrajudicial crisis management procedures.
Weigmann Studio Legale acts in favour of enterprises and private entities in the acquisition of companies and assets in insolvency proceedings, as well as in relation to dispute proceedings brought by those procedures, such as revocation or liability actions against the management and control bodies of the company.

Insurance law

The Law Firm traditionally assists insurance companies and insurance brokers, both from the perspective of consultancy and that of litigation, and with reference to extraordinary operations and supervisory and regulatory matters. Weigmann Studio Legale also provides assistance in establishing and implementing extrajudicial and judicial strategies for handling large claims in Italy and abroad.


The Law Firm assists companies and private entities in preparing and negotiating various types of contracts, with particular reference to commercial contracts and to credit guarantees, both locally and internationally. The Law Firm has accrued significant experience in contracts with public bodies and companies, a sector in which it supports both private contracting parties and public administrations and their investee companies.

Intellectual property
and information technology

The Law Firm has gained significant experience in consultancy and litigation in the various sectors of industrial property and copyright, with particular reference to innovation in the sectors of digital technologies, trademark rights and the advertising industry. The Law Firm also provides support to individuals and legal entities for the protection of their rights to name and image, as well as to public bodies and private cultural institutions for legal aspects related to projects of use and development of their artistic-historical and archival assets.

Sports law

The Law Firm has acquired consolidated experience in sports law (national and international), in particular at professional level, performing consultancy and support activity in favour of major sports clubs, federations, agents and athletes on many issues, with particular reference to transfers of team members, contract renewals and managing relationships with agents, as well as marketing of audio-visual rights.
Weigmann Studio Legale represents its clients before the national and international sports justice bodies, for all disputes involving them and in relation to disciplinary proceedings.

Administrative law

The Law Firm represents public and private clients in the various sectors of administrative law, in particular: public contracts (assignment and execution phases); public services; forms of public-private partnership and investee companies; urban planning and construction. In these matters, we provide advice and assistance to public entities in carrying out the procedures required by law, to private economic operators in participating in those procedures and to both in the phase of stipulating and executing contracts. We also represent enterprises in the respective administrative and authorisation procedures. In the same matters, the Law Firm represents and defends clients even in the litigation phase, both before the first instance, appeal and higher courts, and before arbitrators.

European Union law, competition and economic development

The Law Firm has consolidated experience in assessing the impact of European Union law in the Italian legal system, with particular reference to regulations on protection of competition, structural funds and European direct funding, as well as issues of free movement of goods, persons, services and capital. In those sectors, we offer specialist assistance to enterprises and public territorial bodies on investment operations, civil and administrative judicial disputes, and authorisation and/or infraction procedures before the European Commission and before the jurisdictional bodies of the European Union, also with the aid of Antitrust Alliance professionals. In addition, we provide support, for profiles of national antitrust law, in proceedings before the Italian Anti-Trust Body. The Law Firm also provides its expertise in the delicate phase of preventive assessment of legitimacy, with respect to compliance with State aid obligations and use of public resources. Finally, the Law Firm provides support in identifying the competent national jurisdiction and in resolving legal conflicts, as well as in executing foreign rulings.

Transport law

The Law Firm offers support on all legal aspects regarding transport, shipments and logistics in the judicial and extrajudicial area. In particular, it represents operators in preparing transportation and logistics framework agreements, in negotiating the various agreements, also in relation to economic aspects or warranties, as well as in obtaining and managing the authorisations to perform the operations and services.

Privacy protection

The Law Firm provides support to public bodies, companies and individuals on privacy, based upon the provisions of Italian Legislative Decree 196/03 (Privacy Code) and Regulation EU 2016/679. This support includes advice on all the different aspects relating to relationships with third parties and the internal organisation by drafting contracts, company policies, regulations, protocols and company procedures, as well as the defence before both the Privacy Supervisory Body and the Judicial Authority.

Real Estate

The Law Firm provides advice to institutional investors and private entities in real estate transactions and in managing the related contractual aspects (acquisitions, disposals, development, leasing and management of real estate in general).

Family law and individuals
inheritance law

The Law Firm provides advice to Italian and foreign individuals on inheritance, trust and family law. The activity includes consultancy in planning generational transfers and allocations of family assets, assistance and advice in resolving disputes between successors, in separations between spouses, and in divorces, also using the alternative and extrajudicial method of collaborative practice.

Employment law

The Law Firm assists its clients in the field of employment law, both in the litigation and extrajudicial phase, providing advice on the various aspects concerning the establishment, conduct and termination of employment relationships. It also assists enterprises in the company restructuring and reorganisation phase, also in the trade union venue, with specific reference to sales of companies, business crises, redundancy payments, collective dismissals, mobility procedures and solidarity contracts.

Agri-food law

The Law Firm provides consultancy and support in the agri-food area with regard to profiles of agricultural production, industrial transformation, distribution and consumption of food products. It also oversees the procedures and activities concerning the conformity of the production processes with Italian and European Union regulations, with particular reference to the rules on labelling and the characteristics of food contact materials.
The Law Firm represents its clients in disputes before the judicial authorities, therein including product liability proceedings, as well as in trademark protection and so-called lookalike phenomena in product packaging.

Litigation and arbitration

The Law Firm has a long-standing tradition of handling civil and administrative disputes and Italian and international arbitration. The set of activities covers all types of litigation both before the first instance courts (ordinary court, regional administrative courts, regional sections of the Court of Auditors) and the appeal courts (Court of Appeal), and before the higher courts (Court of Cassation, Council of State, Court of Auditors). For all transnational disputes, we use qualified law firms present in the various foreign jurisdictions.